Artist Ali Görmez 


Born in 1980 in Bielefeld, Germany 

Lives and works in Berlin




  • Gallery Winterfeldt Berlin

                       TRAIN OF THOUGHTS 



  • Gallery F37 (ehemals Bremer Gallery) Berlin

                       Eddies, Freddies & Co.


  • Gallery Winterfeldt ( Exhibition for kids) Berlin


  • Art Café Golzo Berlin


  • School Art class  by Artist Ali Görmez (Joan Miró school) Berlin


  • Gallery Mashiah Arrive Berlin

Colors of Görmez 


  • Galerie F37 ( ehemals BremerGallery)  Berlin

Preview & Review


  • KREATIV TAGE BERLIN MESSE BERLIN ( Collaboration with Hobbyshop -Rüther)




  • Sound City Wittenberge (workshop with kids and the 2 created Artworks were given 1 of them tot he City council Luckenwalde and the 2nd one is in the City council in Wittenberge)


  • Waldorf Astoria Building Floor 19. 



  • Project start Living Levels ( Mural Design of 42 m2) 



  • SOLO Exhibition Floor 14 Living levels Building 23. Februar 
  • Berliner Volksbank Wittenau ( Exhibition of kids – School In den Rollbergen)
  •  Kids workshop AM OHR DER WELT 8. – 9. Oktober 
  • MYER’S HOTEL (POP EXPLOSION)  05.September 
  • Workshop INA Kindergarten  
  • School Art class  by Artist Ali Görmez (Grundschule in den Rollbergen)Berlin


  • Living levels SOLO Exhibition 


  • Opening Gallery Osbili Berlin 





  • Musikwelten Workshop Kids 


  • School Art class  by Artist Ali Görmez (Joan Miró school) Berlin


  • Exhibition Gallery Osbili 


  • Exhibition KJ3 Living Bauhaus Kunststiftung 


  • Exhibition mix - with 6 Different Artists Gallery 





  • Busy with commission  works 


  • SOLO Exhibition Berliner Synchron WENZEL LÜDECKE 


  • SOLO Exhibition KU 64 
























Künstler Ali Görmez Prof. Dr. Gerald Hüther
Künstler Ali Görmez Magret Rasfeld
Lernwelt Künstler Ali Görmez
Künstler Ali Görmez Selbstverantwortung Leben
POP ART ALI GÖRMEZ Grundschule in den Rollbergen / Künstler Ali Görmez
Künstler Ali Görmez Joan Miro Grundschule
Ali Görmez Photographer Julian Kuhnke