Artist Ali Görmez 


Lives and works in Berlin


Ali Görmez was born in 1980 in the city of Bielefeld in the province of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. He is of Turkish descent and the 6th of 7 children. He has been interested in art since a small child and started by drawing cartoons. Inspired by the works of Keith Haring, James Rizzi and Picasso, his style would be described as Pop Art. 

Ali began painting more seriously in 2011 triggered by a desire to see his art not in sketchbooks, but physically hanging on walls for people to enjoy. His first exhibition was held at Gallery Winterfeldt in Berlin in 2013 and by now he was wor- king mostly with oils, acrylics, watercolours and manuscript paper. Recycling different textiles influence the paintings. The combination and contrast inspires the finished result. 

Numerous exhibitions have followed and some of his most visible achievements were the commissioned 42m2 mural produced for the Living Levels high rise residential tower in Berlin East Side Gallery and the Neue Horizonte exhibition at the Berlin Waldorf Astoria building. These marked the beginning of a very close working relationship with the Living Bauhaus Art Foundation. 

Colour is very important to Ali’s work and the choices of colours used very much reflect his mood during the creative process. The method he uses is one of instant visualisation. He says “I close my eyes and I see a proper artwork comple- ted on canvas. I see the final picture in my mind, I transfer it on canvas!”. He reproduces this vision almost perfectly. There is very little change that happens during the painting process. 

One of the most recognisable motifs from Ali’s catalogue are the characters of "The Eddies". They are ambassadors that come from a different planet. “Eddies are peacemakers. They look funny, cute, and they put a smile on your face when you see them. I want the whole world to meet them”. Eddies have a distinct large nose and are recognisable by just having two legs as their limbs. To reach things with just two legs can be difficult. Eddies represent the challenge in moving forward and the need to focus on one thing at a time to reach the desired destination. Many Eddies will be displayed in public places as life size sculptures around Berlin in May 2019. 

His other distinctive character is the “Going Quackers” duck. The duck represents Ali, as all of his characters do. The duck has only one eye, again giving the message to focus on one thing at a time. 

Ali gets a huge sense of achievement from working with children and immigrants. He sees art as a medicine for them.
He promotes a sense of equality and collaboration in his art workshops and removes any element of competition. During these workshops he sees art as a way of communicating to ease their lives. Ali intends to continue producing art for exhibitions and sale of both original and commissioned work and he is diversifying into a range of Pop Art postcards launching in major art museums around Asia and beyond.

Exhibitions / Shows 



  • Gallery Winterfeldt Berlin

                       TRAIN OF THOUGHTS 



  • Gallery F37 (ehemals Bremer Gallery) Berlin

                       Eddies, Freddies & Co.


  • Gallery Winterfeldt ( Exhibition for kids) Berlin


  • Art Café Golzo Berlin


  • School Art class  by Artist Ali Görmez (Joan Miró school) Berlin


  • Gallery Mashiah Arrive Berlin

Colors of Görmez 


  • Galerie F37 ( ehemals BremerGallery)  Berlin

Preview & Review


  • KREATIV TAGE BERLIN MESSE BERLIN ( Collaboration with Hobbyshop -Rüther)




  • Sound City Wittenberge (workshop with kids and the 2 created Artworks were given 1 of them tot he City council Luckenwalde and the 2nd one is in the City council in Wittenberge)


  • Waldorf Astoria Building Floor 19. 



  • Project start Living Levels ( Mural Design of 42 m2) 



  • SOLO Exhibition Floor 14 Living levels Building 23. Februar 
  • Berliner Volksbank Wittenau ( Exhibition of kids – School In den Rollbergen)
  •  Kids workshop AM OHR DER WELT 8. – 9. Oktober 
  • MYER’S HOTEL (POP EXPLOSION)  05.September 
  • Workshop INA Kindergarten  
  • School Art class  by Artist Ali Görmez (Grundschule in den Rollbergen)Berlin


  • Living levels SOLO Exhibition 


  • Opening Gallery Osbili Berlin 





  • Musikwelten Workshop Kids 


  • School Art class  by Artist Ali Görmez (Joan Miró school) Berlin


  • Exhibition Gallery Osbili 


  • Exhibition KJ3 Living Bauhaus Kunststiftung 


  • Exhibition mix - with 6 Different Artists Gallery 





  • Busy with commission  works 


  • SOLO Exhibition Berliner Synchron WENZEL LÜDECKE 


  • SOLO Exhibition KU 64 




  • Affordable Art Fair Milan Italy 25-27.Januar 
  • Osbili Art Gallery 
  • Opening Eddies (Peace Ambassadors) Schöneberg 10.05.2019 
  • Opening Eddies (Peace Ambassodors) St. Joseph Hospital Tempelhof Schöneberg
  • Exhibition 100 Faces & more Living Bauhaus Art foundation - 06.03.2020 




  • Opening Eddies (Peace Ambassodors) Mitte Berlin ( Public installation). 
  • VAUND STORE ( collaboration partner) Georgstrasse 14, 30159 Hannover.